Why Wholisticly?…

So I wanted to write a little post to explain the meaning and reason behind Wholisticly. This idea was created in 2019 when I chose to quit my 9-5 and pursue my passion in life; health and wellness. I wanted to create and fully dive into this world of living cleaner and to share it with the world. The name is a play between Whole and Holistic…and so was born my mantra, “Achieving optimal health is a whole body, mind, and soul kinda thing”.
Originally Wholisticly was a food distributor for vegan desserts. After trying that out with a restaurant locally, that I provided my desserts to, I realized that wasn’t quite what I was looking for. And then Covid hit and put the pause button on a lot of our lives.
Over the years, I have experienced so much illness physically and mentally and have researched and learned about each issue and what to do naturally to alleviate these things. After using myself as a test dummy, I feel like there is so much to inform everyone about, which I will be getting into in future posts. My mission is to help anyone seeking answers for their ailments and to also share my trials and errors.
Currently, I am taking courses to become a Naturopathic doctor, but please do remember I am not an actual doctor. Anything posted to this site will be natural options but there are scenarios in which western medicine does become necessary.
I’m so excited to begin sharing everything I’ve learned and will continue to learn with everyone!
Until next time… wishing you love, light, and happiness!

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