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Hi friends! I’m here with a quick post to let you know about some snacks I found that you need to go buy yourself!

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Partake cookies, OMG…these are amazingly tasty. At my store they had four flavors, Chocolate Chip, Cookie Butter, Carrot Cake, and Birthday Cake. I got two boxes that are thought were the most unique flavors – Carrot Cake and Cookie Butter. Here, they were $4.99 per box and there is 15 cookies in each box.Firstly, we have the Carrot Cake flavor, these are crunchy but after chewing a bit they kind of melt in your mouth. One of my fave cookies I’ve tried, as it has such an on-point flavor to it. If it wasn’t for the crunch, I’d almost think I was eating an actual carrot cake. Think big carrot flavor, for sure!




Now these Cookie Butter cookies are SOFT baked, and my goodness they aren’t kidding. They are so soft and chewy and the flavor is ridiculous. These tasted like ginger snap cookies to me, so good.




Wow, these Rule Breaker cookies seriously taste just like those Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies that we all loved as kids, only with way better ingredients. Chickpeas and Fair Trade Certified Vegan Chocolate are the main ingredients and these are also produced in a certified gluten-free facility. Could it get any better than this?! These were $2.99 for a bag of roughly 15 mini cookies.



Lastly, these Karma nuts dusted in vegan cocoa are to die for. If you love cashews and chocolate, this is a perfect treat for the those mid-day cravings. A bag of these were $1.99 and I’m in love.



If you’d like to try these snacks and get them delivered, click the banner below to signup for Instacart! It’s super easy and saves you so much time that you could use for anything else instead of going to the grocery store!

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