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This week I’ve decided I’m going to focus more on sleep…

I’ve noticed how much sleep affects, well, my entire life. And also how much my pillow can make all of the difference on the quality of my sleep. Honestly I can be dead tired but if my pillow isn’t doing the job, I toss and turn and want to cry. Another issue I’ve been experiencing is waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble going back to sleep.

Life has been *so* stressful for all of us, so I felt like this was an appropriate topic to discuss while also offering a solution.

Let’s consider all of the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep:

  • Stronger Immune System – Getting the sleep you need helps your body’s immune system fight off germs and viruses (which I don’t have to tell you how important that is right now *cough* COVID). Turns out ongoing lack of sleep even changes the way your immunity cells work. In turn, you may start to feel more run down and easily becoming sick more often. When we get the sleep we need, we allow our body to do the work it needs in order to keep bacteria and viruses from taking over.
  • Healthier Heart – When we’re stressed, typically our blood pressure is raised. Throughout the day, responsibilities to our families and jobs can take our blood pressure sky high…but when we lie down for sleep, our body is resting and blood pressure returns to lower levels. However, if you spend your nights awake and ruminating about all the things you’re worried about, your blood pressure and body is never fully given a break. So, in turn this means your poor heart is working overtime. For this reason, it turns out lack of sleep and elevated blood pressure can lead to heart disease or even a stroke.
  • Better Mood – This one is big for me…yes, my husband will back me up on that one! While we sleep, our body actually processes our emotions and gives us the ability to process things with a more rational mind. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you become more negative and touchy after a night without sleep. Ongoing sleeplessness only continues to add to the emotional rollercoaster when you combine heightened blood pressure and mood dysregulation = ANXIETY (and perhaps depression). Getting more sleep has been shown in many studies to make you happier and far more able to deal with emotions in your daily life.
  • Weight Control – Cortisol, leptin, and ghrelin…these hormones have direct impact on our weight. Being well-rested allows our body to process these correctly resulting in blood sugar regulation and also appetite suppression. When this becomes out-of-whack, our body becomes hungrier and hungrier and then starts holding onto fat.

These are just a few things that getting the right amount of sleep does for us, and believe me there is so much more. Now you’re asking…how do I start working towards better sleep to get my health back on track? I know we’ve all heard the advice to get 8 hours of sleep for optimal benefits, but I’d like to suggest adding at least 30 minutes more sleep weekly to start until you work up to getting at least 8 hours. We do this by implementing a few things to help our bodies relax and prepare for sleep. Taking melatonin, shutting off devices, using blue blocker glasses, meditation, epsom salt baths, bedtime yoga, journaling – all of these things are a great place to start. But I also suggest looking at your actual bedding and pillows to make sure they are also encouraging great sleep.

That’s where CBD Pillow comes in. This pillow is like placing my head on a cloud…no more neck or back pain since using it. And better sleep! And it’s not just a pillow. The case is infused with CBD and here’s how it works:

“The CBD Pillow is infused with patented micro-encapsulation technology that embeds millions of CBD microcapsules into your pillow. Unlike topicals or edibles, our CBD Pillow slow releases microdoses of CBD all night.
Friction causes the capsules to burst, slowly releasing the CBD. The CBD is then absorbed directly through your hair follicles & skin to help regulate your sleep evenly throughout the night. The result is a relaxing calm so you sleep better.”

How cool is that!? CBD has so many benefits – it reduces anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia; helps you fall asleep AND stay asleep, decreases levels of cortisol and improves quality of life. With this pillow, not only are you addressing health issues by getting more sleep and better sleep, but the infused CBD is also working to boost improvements as well.

Do yourself a and make your sleep and ultimately, your health, a priority. Click the picture below to get 10% off!

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