Breast Implant Illness: Intro (Part 1)

As I type this, I am already beginning to get emotional. This is a post I thought I’d never write, but I feel the importance of getting this message out is so much more than my hesitance to expose a very deep regret. I have lost so many years of my life to this illness, and so many other women have as well.
I did begin my health journey 7 years ago when I started experimenting with my diet, transitioning from living on pretzels and Rockstar energy drinks to a more plant-based approach. However, the real work started June 2015 immediately following getting breast implants.
Now, I had a lot of “life” stuff going on at the time and have always blamed the stresses of that on the health issues that started popping up. But looking back I can see so clearly how much these implants were a part of all of that.
Chances are that if you are reading this, you are probably aware of what Breast Implant Illness, or BII, is. But for anyone who isn’t familiar, in a few simple words, BII is a health phenomenon that effects many women after getting breast implants. It is extremely hard to be diagnosed, as there are so many symptoms that can mimic other health problems. I will list below just a few of them:

And honestly I have experienced every single one of the symptoms listed and then some. I feel like I have been slowly dying and have seen countless doctors trying to figure out why, only to be told that I am in perfect health and it’s all in my head. These toxic bags have made the last 5+ years hell and left me questioning my sanity after hitting wall after wall exploring why I feel so sick, I then stumbled upon BII last year. It was an Instagram post that intrigued me and then I spent countless hours in tears reading hundreds of stories of so many people feeling exactly how I do and also how they experienced their health bouncing back after having their implants removed, further proving the seriousness of BII.
So that leads me to now, and my reasoning for this post. I am starting a journey that I’d like to take you all on with me. I am scheduled for my en bloc total capsulectomy explant at the end of next month. I cannot tell you how nervously excited I am. I have always loved how my implants make me look, however they are not worth feeling like death anymore. I am so scared to see myself without them because crazy enough, I don’t even remember what I look like naturally. But I know in my heart, this is the right decision.
I will be posting more in the next few weeks about this and even if I just help one woman to realize she needs to explant or even to prevent someone from getting the implants in the first place, this will all be so worth it.
Until next time, I love you all ❤

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