April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

**(TW)*(Graphic SA)** Somehow this year it hits me so much deeper than before and I am willing to bet quite a few people would agree with me on that. This year marks the 20th anniversary for SAAM but it has been recognized long before 2001. Since the 80’s April has represented sexual assault and there […]

Breast Implant Illness: Background (Part 2)

Well friends, here we are with part 2…here I am going to let you in a little deeper and get more personal. I am honestly terrified to post this on the internet but I think it’s important to show the pretty and also the ugly because that is the conundrum here – what may look […]

Vegan & GF snacks we’re loving!

Vegan, Snacks, Cookies

Hi friends! I’m here with a quick post to let you know about some snacks I found that you need to go buy yourself! Partake cookies, OMG…these are amazingly tasty. At my store they had four flavors, Chocolate Chip, Cookie Butter, Carrot Cake, and Birthday Cake. I got two boxes that are thought were the […]

Breast Implant Illness: Intro (Part 1)

As I type this, I am already beginning to get emotional. This is a post I thought I’d never write, but I feel the importance of getting this message out is so much more than my hesitance to expose a very deep regret. I have lost so many years of my life to this illness, […]

Cool Things We’re Trying – CBD Pillow

This week I’ve decided I’m going to focus more on sleep… I’ve noticed how much sleep affects, well, my entire life. And also how much my pillow can make all of the difference on the quality of my sleep. Honestly I can be dead tired but if my pillow isn’t doing the job, I toss […]