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Hi there!

My name is Nicole and welcome to my little slice of the internet.

After years of suffering from health issues, I found a different way of living. I became vegan and started a new life filled with fruits, veggies and a healthy mindset.

I truly believe there can be a holistic approach to all things that can provide balance and happiness without restriction.

This brought me to the idea of making my own desserts. After countless dinners out, I found a way to stick to a vegan diet during the main course however when it came to dessert, I was left without any options and had to watch the other people at the table eat what I could not.

It got me thinking … there should be options for everyone and even for those who aren’t restricted by allergies or diet specifications, why not make our favorite desserts healthier?

This site will be a place for me to expand on recipes, my health journey, and anything I feel would be useful to anyone who is interested in making their health and well-being a priority.

I look forward to interacting with everyone and together making our own lives and the lives around us happier and healthier!